Saturday, May 9, 2015

Drawing in progress pencil oil pastel collage

Drawing in process, still working on the title but thinking Nippingly.  I like to use verbs or adverbs for the title to represent the collaged female form as doing something.  She can see her goal in sight, its still a way off though and lots of distractions along the way.  

Nippingly drawing in progress 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creative disability!!  So cute.  I facilitate an art class and the students have no inhibitions, just do it!
Debbie's design some facilitation and Rochelle printing

Riley's design and Rochelle printing

Friday, February 6, 2015

Back room

Collage is dynamic!  The fun thing with blu-tak is that you can keep changing the collage (watch out for that pesky oil residue) It shifts the look and feel of the work.

My first intention was the female form reaching for something elusive....  The heat and humidity of the last few weeks of January meant that this feeling shifted......

Sapping humidity prevails...

There is an occasional caress of a soft breeze in the trees, the poignant call of the black cockatoo, a TV noise… a light shines out exposing some small urban drama and the river flushes through and on…. 

'Backroom' 2015 pencil, oil pastel, collage 122cmh x 86cmw 

I had to commit eventually!  Here is the final work.

'Backroom' pencil drawing, collage, oil pastel, 122cmh x 86cmw, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Creative Year!!

Happy Creative 2015 to You!! 

I've begun with a large (long side 122cms... A change from last years 17cms) collage drawing... Collage still rather a work in progress Blu-tak in place but getting there... Best wishes to you all!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exhibition at Brenda May Gallery in October

Thank you to all who supported my practice!  
An especially big appreciative thank you & hug to those people who bought my work as well as the Windmill Trust who supported the professional mounting and to those who came along and to those who wished me well.  

pics at Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks St Sydney 

'Coveting' (left) 'Boldly' (right)' at Brenda May Gallery

'Caressing' (left) 'Ruminating' (right) back wall at Brenda May Gallery
Three Sirens- 'Romp', 'Indulgence' & 'Shriek'

'Boldly she goes', series of photo collages & drawings at Brenda May Gallery

'She's Ferrying' corner at Brenda May Gallery, 7th Oct- 1st Nov, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Opening week

What a wonderful opportunity to exhibit at Brenda May Gallery Danks St Sydney

Great night, great week all round with my newly married son Christopher Volpe and gorgeous bride Leah Volpe who flew out the next day to Rome Italy on their honeymoon.  

Thanks to some wonderful people who supported my art practice by buying my work & appreciating its value & to the many others who came & said hello & made it such a great show!! 

Pic courtesy of Brenda May Gallery

Monday, October 6, 2014

Subject to Flooding

Just unpacked my artworks from the framer... ooh la la... they look GOOD!!  

Photo-collage-paintings on these sexy modern aluminium mountings, thanks to the financial support of those fantastic people of the Windmill Trust Scholarship Encouragement Award.  

The works really sing, on Brenda May's white crisp walls.  

'Ruminating' 2014, Photo-collage-paintings

Come along and see for yourself.  The show is on at Brenda May Gallery, Danks Street Waterloo, Sydney 7th Oct- 1st Nov.  I will be there if you want to come and chat- opening night Wed 8th 5.30-7.30pm and Sat 11th at 3pm for an artist talk and for other times- check out Brenda Mays Social pages for updates.

And guess what, there are two other great shows on as well, each of us quite different offering you a variety of artwork to view.  

The Windmill Trust Scholarship, administered by NAVA, has been established by the Windmill Trust in memory of artist Penny Meagher.
The National Association for the Visual Arts is assisted by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.
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